Seasons of Love (part 1)

Today is the day
High on the nigh
comes the breezy spring
with flowers and butterflies
Its the season of beauty
Its the season of joy
Its the season when all ladies and the men
Go back to being girls and boys
Its the season when
All life begins again
Its the season the earth and her children
Become the winter wolf's salvation and bane
Its the season fresh and new
When every moment was breathless
Filled with joy and wanton praise
But it was needed nonetheless
Its a feeling that was fleeting
Like the love I just found
It was a love kind and tender
And didn't yet know any bounds


This feels incomplete doesn’t it ?

Stay tuned if you want to find out where this is going! 🙂


The following 4 updates are a series. They will be updated every 2 days. Hope you like the series

Additionally, this blog will henceforth feature any sort of literary piece that I wish to share including


Short stories


And if I ever get to it…..chapters from my novel



Fateful Warnings

A maiden lies in ruin
Heart filled to the brim
Watching as the earth ravaged
Everything with a bitter grin

Crying out to the wind
Throat closing up from sorrow
A single word on her tongue
"Why?!" Echoed in a world ruined thorough

The earth rumbled loud
In response appeared a woman
With a enraged demeanor
Lips twisted with disdain

An accusing finger points
At a cowering bitter maiden
Who's eyes now held fear
And a heart that turned leaden

"You!" Echoed a voice
Of thunder on the horizon
As reasons were given
For human termination

"A paradise, was this world
As it thrived and flushed with life
And you, my dearest creation
Cut it down with a knife"

"Your greed and want for more
Your heedless need for luxury
Your thirst for material wealth
Would have destroy all their is utterly"

"This destruction was my doing
To save my other creations
As the ones closest to my heart
Had became their damnation"

"Remember maiden, for this madness
This will be your fate
If your kind doesn't learn
And rewrite their whole slate"

The woman vanished amidst as
The maiden woke in cold sweat
The warning still rang in her mind
As she headed out to neutralize the threat


So, this right her was written for a English project for Envoronment day.

What do y’all think? Let me know in the comments down below!

Leave Me Alone

She lived as one 
with walls of iron forged
Standing on a line stretched taut
Waiting to trip towards the gorge

Cloaked in darkness pitch
With a gaze as frigid as ice
Warnings bells were sounded
That staying away would be wise

Coiled, tense as a spring
She smiles with fanatic light
So lost to dark is she
She no longer wants to fight

She looks happier than thou
Face plastered with a smile
Fooling all those around
About the dark truth by a mile

Her fire once, blazed sky high
But has now reduced to an ember
And with each passing day
That ember further withers

Jack of all trades was she
Good at all she came across
One single mistake although
Proved that she had always been a lost cause

Now she's needed for naught
But to slave away each day
To all command and order
Ignoring the rumors and hearsay

Watching her every move
Has worn her down to the bone
So she curls in on herself
Whispering "leave me alone"....



The clouds drew in close
And sang a song in verse
Of shrill wailing winds
Harsh as the worst curse

A lone ship with whipping sails
In the giant void of merciless sea
Was tossed among raging waves
And a cry unheard rang out desperately

At last the sea calmed
And ceased it's harsh song
The passengers aboard rejoiced
For the peace that came with along

But in the dark black night
Admist the endless void
Lost had the ship become
Its sails and compass destroyed

Days since passed seemingly unending
Having lost to the raging sea
The passengers soon turned bleak
As clearer became reality

Then one twighlight hour
When the sun was close to dip
Voices of crystal rang out surrounding the despaired ship

From the depths of the blues
Rose out beings of flowing water
Rare and oh so beautiful
Born of the seas waters

These beings exquisite sang
They sang in voices of stars
Of crystal clear skies and
Moon light on sand bars

Slowly ever so slowly did
They entrap unsuspecting humans
Found aboard a ship with no heading
Entrapped every crewman

Eyes turned to glass
Listening to pretty verse
As they soon fell prey
To the song's lilting curse

Down into the black depths
Went the glassy eyed crewmen
Unwitting of impending danger
At the hands of beings not quite human

Beautiful turned cruel
And smiles turned to snarls
Intent became clearer
As they readied to gorge with claws unfurled

Grins stained with blood
Spread upon cruel faces
Glassy dazed eyes then sharpen
As fear and terror soon replaces

The beings of sea so pretty
Now seemed vicious and deadly
Their beauty turned to cruelty and
Fear filled them completely

Breath and life ran out
As they struggled pointlessly
As the beings ripped into them
With excitement vigorously

Blue turned to blood
At the site of the feast
And beings birthed of sea
Enjoyed a hearty treat

These deaths are not as tragic as they seem
For it was them who didn't heed
Any man's warning and sailed into sea
At a time most would flee

So don't blame them
These children of the sea
Their existence was known all along
As well as their day at sea

A day once every full moon
A day they rose like the sun
And came to the surface
To sing a song of a Siren


There for you

Hello darkness my old friend
I've come to talk to you again
For there has been a little girl
By the cliff waiting to hurl

She's sick and in need of someone
But all she wants is to be done
I'd been hoping you'd comfort her
As you did for me, none other

Do remind her of her worth
And to not despise her own birth
She's a truly treasured gem
She needs to be reminded again

Now I know she is probably cold
All ice, malice and bold
But believe she needs this now
More than any, I know how

She'll push you into a corner
Than let herself be bothered
She cares not for She's dead inside
She'll ignore you and throw you to the side

But stay true and by her side
No matter whether she abides
You'll be there to tell her 'I love you'
See her smile and not believe you

Tears will scratch the back of your throat
But She'll turn and say -i quote-
That's really nice of you say
While tears run down her face

Her resistance will drive you mad
Just you wait and someday you'll be glad
That the one step you took
Had finally made her turn and look

And remember what it's like to live and to love



it was one of those days
the sun was particularly white
The day was bright
And clouds white as snow
Decorated a sky infinitely blue

It was the day one would never
Expect a harsh downpour
Of rain and definitely not hail
But rain did fall and so did hail
Unusually the bright turned to gloom

This was around noon, much surprise
And the mood had become glum
Along with the rain and it's icy friends
But no sooner had it begun
The dark lifted and the sun returned full force

What had been an already hot day
Became scorching and humid
But the brief rain that came so Unusually
Did bring a smile upon the face for the temporary reprieve it gave

Unusually so.


Demons and darkness

Don't look into my eyes
For you will be scared
As I'm sure you've learned
All my demons lie there

But no demon will frighten
If you and it are one
Just say the word
Tip me over and I'll be gone

You see the madness
But you've only glimpsed the dark
That madness serves only
To hide the horrendous scars

It will be blanket you in comfort
It will drown out the pain
It'll stay by your side
And walk you through your disdain

The shadows and the voices
Will soon turn your friends
And when all else fails
They will be with you to the end

The shadows they don't judge
They know me through and through
Provoke me without thought
And they will suffocate you

I've long since turned dark
I've been long the devil's despair
I'd exercise caution were I you
For once I break you can't repair

I've dwelled in darkness long
It's my consort and my friend
It chose me for all my flaws
So with it I'll stay till end

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