Dear readers,

I regret to inform you that due to personal reasons, I have decided to postpone the launch of Written Word Co. in the form of a podcast. The postponement will hopefully not be indefinite. I will try my hardest to go through with the plans as soon as I can.

I thank all the readers of this site for their time and apologize for any inconvenience I might have caused.

Stay safe, love yourself and all your flaws, and stay tuned for more! OwO


Time flows

Based on Bloganuary prompt for 21.01.2022 –

 “If you could, what year would you time travel to and why?

Time flows, undeterred, unstoppable 
Its passes by like the scent of spring in the air
It flows heeding none at all
Not the one with the riches, nor the one with the power
Time isn’t reversed, but if I were to 
Return to an era, any era long past its peak,
Where do I wish to return to? What is it I want to change?
Answers for a question of this caliber 
Range from this to that, each more absurd than the last
Shall I travel to the times when water held more worth
Than the gold and diamonds that adorn an ego?
Shall I return to the time when the earth was worshipped
In place of the idols amidst the temples?
Shall I return to the time when a woman was seen
And cherished as a symbol of life?
Shall I return to the times, books, and scriptures
Outlining the words of a god unknown were written?
Shall I return to the times when atrocities numerous 
Were committed in the name of the greater good?
Shall I return to the start of it all, before the 
Differences were established, made shameful?
Shall I return to the era, were it to exist, when all
Were thought of earth’s children? Sacred as life?
Life nor time will ever allow me to reverse the course 
Will not let me undo what has been done.
Yet my heart wishes, with wistful sighs,
The power to undo the injustice meted out in prejudice.
The power to tell the ancestors the consequence of greed.
The power to see the origins of all the myths and beliefs.
The power to go back in time and see the truth for itself.


Which year do I want to travel back in time to? I don’t think I can ever pick one single year. My yearning to go back in time to when and see the great pyramids and monuments of past civilizations being built is just as strong as my yearning to return to the time to see the origins of all religions and their beliefs. I want to see the fashion and the cultures, the dance and the music of each era and civilization. I want to live in each place and experience what life in that society was like. I want to see the changes in the interpretation of the words of their gods. The evolution of weaponry, war tactic, and politics. I want to see the truth behind all the greatest debates about the past, ongoing in the world today.

I want to see the things that happened before things were written and recorded in known languages and techniques.

Anyway, what year would y’all want to return to? What calls to you from that time?

Stay safe, love yourself and all your flaws, and stay tuned for more. OwO

P.S Please be understanding my rambling. I am in a rather sentimental mood right now.

Rose gold

Based on Bloganuary prompt for 20.01.2022 – 

What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

Sky painted in tints of rose and gold 
The sun a deep shade of orange
The water refracts and reflects
A kaleidoscope of colour dreamy
The light like shards of glass
Across the surface of deep blue sea
Against the expanse of warm sand
The beauty renders me speechless
The sight makes my body sing
And my eyes crinkle with a smile
The sun and its hue of crimson gold
Lights up the skies along with my heart


Beach sunsets are some of the best I’ve ever seen. I love the colors that the sky turns to with the setting of the sun. I’ve always wanted to paint a sunset, however, I’m terrified of doing a bad job. So, it keeps getting put off.

Anyway, Here’s my fav photo!

Stay safe, love yourself and all your flaws, and stay tuned for more! OwO


Based on Bloganuary prompt for 19.01.2022 –

 “Write about something mysterious.

The moon shown with pearl light
The light it shone unusually bright
Its glow warm and serene
The energy exuded pure, clean

Many a times a thought flit on my mind
What was it about the moon, that seemed so kind?
Why was it capable of soothing my scars
Like the lilting strings on a harp?


Y’all ever wondered why it was so calming to watch the moon, listening to some music? no?

Well, I sure have and I still do. No matter what, watching the moon will relax my very bones. It’s like the moon has this mysterious power to help you calm and center yourself. I’m dumbfounded but I still love it. You know where I’m going with this?

Stay safe, love yourself and all your flaws, and stay tuned for more! OwO

P.S I realized I have posted over 50 posts on Written Word!

AND it’s been 20 days since Bloganuary started and I’ve actually posted every day! YAY!!

Tale Queer

Based on Bloganuary prompt for 18.01.2022 –

 “What book is next on your reading list?

A little girl came by one day 
A question she put forth to me
What stories would you like to see?
What characters would you like portrayed?

Young mare, were I to explain
We’d be here all year
Instead, listen to a tale queer
As I weave it down this lane.

A tale as old as time, of love
Belonging to a world where
Death sent word before
It came to whisk people away
A man, here's a twist, another man
Both are young, much life to live
Neither knew of the other's world
Life seemingly went its course
But fate was cruel, as it often is
Death sent a letter, 24 hours it said
That’s all the time you have left
Live as much as you shall
They meet, coincidences coincidences
They learn the ways life can be
Lived entirely in span of hours
Learn the ways of one another
Memories old are sparked
Old pains and regrets revisited
New things, spurned otherwise, learned
Heart divulged, timid yet fierce the love
No sooner had they found love
In each other, away from all the pain
Death came to collect their souls
One first, then the other, lost in his memory

It is a tale truly, wretchedly heartbreaking
In its cruel likeness, little mare
But theirs was an intimacy entirely rare
Their strength, to love at last moments, breath-taking.


The book that’s been on my list?


I do not know the story entirely, but I have figured out the gist of it. I have a feeling I’m going to need tissues when I read this one. Wish me luck.

What are the books y’all are excited to read? Tell me, tell me!

Stay safe, love yourself, your books, and all your flaws, and stay tuned for more! OwO


Based on Bloganuary prompt for 17.01.2022 –

 “What is a superpower you’d love to have?

Life is a culmination of possibilities
The probabilities govern them,
The direction that possibilities take
What are the chances? What are the odds?
No one knows. They are merely a probability.
However, I do. Probability of the possibility
The end results of the question
The exact values of the odds, in percent.
I know, I know their probability.
Ten, hundred or none in percent
The value determines the direction,
The direction meant to be taken
No, not meant, but made, 
Made to be taken, deliver to needs and wants.
I manipulate the percent, the probability
And probability governs the possibility.
Watch, as I tip the scales in my favour.
Watch, as I achieve all I want.
Yet will I achieve all I need?
What are the chances? What are the odds?
Who knows? I don't. 
However, I will create them. 


Super-power I want to have – Ability to manipulate probability.

I must confess, the idea of such a thing came to me from a Pinterest pin. It’s new, different, and makes absolute sense. Let’s take an example.

what is the probability I find a dollar this instant? 100%.

What is the probability I will fail my test? 1%

See my point here?

What super-power do y’all wish you had?

Stay safe, love yourself and all your flaws, and stay tuned for more! OwO

Life’s Lesson – Reblog

Thank you for mentioning my blog, Written Word. I’m truly honored. OwO



I was off-line as we traveled safely home yesterday. Thank you for your prayers! God heard. God answered. The weather conditions (except for one little patch of dense fog just before Twin Falls – out of Jackpot) and the roads were clear and perfect. We are happy to be home!

Coming through Island Park, guided by the moonlight

The Alpine glow of the sky led us homeward
in joyful anticipation

The Bloganuary prompt yesterday asked us to consider a “Life Lesson” worth remembering. I cannot do more justice to this question than to share with you this blog from “Written Word.” It’s perfect!

My response to her was to be sure that heart is filled with the voice of the Holy Spirit. Following such advice will always lead to satisfaction. God bless you!

Keeping up with the daily prompts from Bolganuary can be difficult when traveling. I hope you…

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Based on Bloganuary prompt for 16.01.2022 – 

What is a cause you are passionate about and why?

What is a cause? one may ask
What makes it a cause?
Is it the reeling dozens, harking
Howling for an equal world?
Is it the sickening thought
Of the exploitation that occurs?
Of the person, and their people,
Different, yet so similar in their likeness
The differences perceived, so minute
Creating fissures as great as a canyon.

What does it matter, the color of their skin?
Aren’t we all the same within?
What does it matter, who they choose to love?
Boy, girl, man, woman, those who are both?
What does it matter, which god they place their faith in?
Ultimately, isn’t the goal worship, and devotion?

Now, does it answer your question?
A cause, it would seem, is a fight
A fight to make the world right
To bring back the peace it boasts
To protect the earth and its people
To accept all the so-called differences
And live together, without fear
Not as a person and his people
But as one whole, living.


I do not think I need to elaborate on this, but I will anyway

It’s the 21st century, color, race, religion, gender identity, sexuality, and all the other touchy-feely subjects, people from these communities exist. Get over it, accept it and move on. If you cannot say something good, best keep quiet. As an old cowboy saying goes – “Best keep your mouth shut and look the fool than open your mouth and prove it”.

As for the people who are supporters or have decided to accept these communities, y’all are good and I hope your god bestows good fortune upon you.

Y’all darlings from these communities, remember you are every bit as worthy as anyone else. Love yourself for who you are. Remember, there is always someone who will love you regardless. You matter, your voice matters. I love y’all.

thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Stay safe, LOVE YOURSELF and all your flaws, and stay tuned for more! OwO

P.S this was never meant to offend anyone. It is simply a piece of advice and a word of comfort.


Based on Bloganuary prompt for 15.01.2022 – 

What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?”

Wee one, so frail in truth
You pretend to be so strong
Wee one, so dire in need
Yet you seem to help all but yourself
Wee one, so desperate for warmth
Yet all you earn is in currency of ice
Wee one, so tired from the weight
Now you are entirely weighed down

A silent cry lodges in her throat
A plea for meaning in her life
A call for purpose and reason
From any who held her dear

Wee one, so foolish in her hope
Of reason to be found in others
Wee one, so quick to lose faith
In herself at the word of others
Wee one, so miserable at heart
She has forgotten her worth
Wee one, so rageful at the world
That refused to give her incentive

A little word of advice,
As she would soon learn
Incentive isn’t provided by any other
The motivation to strive comes from within

So, look not in the words
Of the people that surround
That’ll bring you only pain
Look within, into that harrowed heart

Wee one, that is where you will
Find what you seek, your reason.


A life lesson, I think, for all people, regardless of the direction their lives take, is that “motivation”, it comes only from within.

Looking for motivation in other people or their words, especially when they are close to you will only bring you pain. There is only so much another can say to get you moving. When they no longer can, it will hurt, and eventually, you must turn to yourself. Only you can motivate yourself to do better.

That being said, not all people will bring you down. But at the end of the day, it’s still your own mind you have to convince into taking an incentive.

In summation, Look within, into your heart, and find the reason you need to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Stay safe, love yourself and all your flaws, motivate yourself, and stay tuned for more! OwO

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